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Bricks VS Pressure Washing

One thing Sacramento homes will always have is character. Many of the beautiful older homes in the greater Sacramento area are solid brick. We have the pleasure of serving these solid brick homes with outdoor cleaning services. In fact one of our favorite services to perform is pressure washing these brick structures! On one of our last jobs we were able to bring a local family back into their back yard to enjoy their 20 year old solid brick smoker.

Bricks, with out proper and consistent cleaning, are a breeding ground for algae and moss. Moss and algae growing on brick is an indication that water is being trapped behind the bricks mortar. Not only is this new growth of moss and lichen not aesthetically pleasing but it also creates degradation. The trapped water in the mortar grows the moss and that same trapped water breaks down the mortar and in turn the structure of the bricks themselves.

To prevent this degradation by trapped water we at Dan Downey Window Cleaning have a step by step process. First we prep the brick with surfactant, it's a soap blend that kills the moss and algae on the surface of the brick. Once all algae and moss have been removed by the surfactant we go in with the pressure washing. Different aged bricks need different pressures, which we take into high consideration as to not damage any property. Once the pressure washing has been completed we seal the bricks with a brick sealant that protects from UV, water and pest damage.

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