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Gutter Gaurds?

The age old question, should I install gutter guards will be answered here! Here at Dan Downey Window Cleaning we pride ourselves on efficient gutter cleanings in Sacramento and surrounding areas with or with out gutter guards. The pros of having gutter guards are they prevent large debris from dropping and accumulating in your gutters. Sacramentos native trees like the grey pine drop slender pine needles from their branches that can slip through the cheaper, wide grate type gutter guards. On the other hand the more expensive smaller grated guards are great at preventing them from accumulating in your gutter!

The cons are gutter guards can just become another surface area for more debris to collect and ultimately they still require maintenance. Gutter guards are subject to the worst of the worst weather conditions being at the top of your home. Developing bends from the material the gutter guards are made of can become warped and sometimes develop even larger holes that, in turn create a larger surface area for debris to collect upon or slip past into your gutter. The most common type of gutter guard is the snap-in guards that oftentimes collapse under pressure, deteriorate from extreme weather conditions and still may need to be replaced or adjusted.

Gutters and downspouts with or without gutter guards need to be cleaned to maintain the integrity of your home. Dan Downey Window Cleaning is experienced with dealing with gutters with and with out guards. Our rain gutter cleaning service is performed by experienced gutter cleaners of Sacramento. We pride ourselves in being adaptable and safe in order to handle any and all gutter cleaning Sacramento may need!

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