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What is a home exterior soft wash?

Dan Downey Window Cleaning is committed to giving Sacramento a plethora of interior and exterior cleaning services. Over the years we have come to use many different methods to clean the outside of your home or business. Sacramento is a developing city but still has its historic charm. With business' and homes as old as the city we have seen plenty of power washing jobs by our competitors wipe away the historic charm Sacramento was built upon. Learning from their mistakes Dan Downey Window Cleaning does home exterior soft washing! With any machine that deals with water pressure there are soft, medium and hard settings.

Hard surfaces that you walk on can take the higher pressure settings of most power washers. Surfaces like concrete, bricks and tiles can handle the higher pressure.

Surfaces like wood used for exterior building walls, bricks and plaster can be cleaned with the medium pressure setting. Although these surfaces were built to withstand climate and weather conditions of Sacramento the high pressure washes would eventually damage these surfaces. For example if someone used the high pressure setting on wood eventually it would eat away at the wood finishing/protectant layer and push the water deeper into each wood piece. Once the water infiltrates the wood you can have issues like warping, infestation of a number of pests and mold.

Surfaces like roof tiles, solar panels and exterior home and business surfaces are built to withstand optimal to severe weather for a intermittent period. A constant or extremely severe incident would permanently damage these exterior surface of your home or business. Dan Downey Window Cleaning uses the soft pressure setting for these exterior home surfaces. The soft pressure allows Dan Downey Window Cleaning to clean your exterior surfaces multiple times with out causing any damage. Even our best gutter cleaning services sometimes include the soft power wash to exceed any rain and gutter cleaning services Sacramento competitors have to offer.

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