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Gutter Season 2020

As soon as the leaves start to turn, that's mother nature telling you it's gutter season! Like any other season of the year your home needs protecting. Gutter season is marked by a buildup of the fallen leaves from the trees and bushes above and around your home, removal of this debris is imperative. Why is a clean gutter so important? Gutters are the main highway that take water and moisture away from your home. A build up of water can cause your roof, walls and ceiling to rot away. This water buildup can also support life! As cool as it sounds it won't be cool once the grass growing in your gutter blocks the water way creating even more of a blockage. Still water blockages also can house bacteria and viruses that can permeate the walls, roof and ceiling of your home leading to mold. Here at Dan Downey Window Cleaning we have the tools, knowledge and personnel to handle any gutter cleaning job, call us at (916) 826-9410 for a free quote today!

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